We do more than paint.


With M T Shoemaker Painting comes M T Shoemaker Woodworks.  We have been crafting quality millwork, cabinetry, furniture, and custom built-ins for over 20 years. This expertise opens a world of options in your residential paint project.

Some of our mature Kingwood homes have seen many layers of paint.  Interior common areas repainted as styles change - children’s rooms repainted as they grow - and owner’s suites repainted to our tastes.  Each new paint application creates ‘build’ - most noticeable on wood trim and moldings.

Restore:  Our timeless moldings and millwork can be rejuvenated with proper   technique and application.  Aged crown molding, baseboard, and door/window casing can be made to look new again by managing build and re-establishing clean, sharp lines.

Replace:  We paint to refresh and modernize.  And often, this process requires updating molding and millwork.  Dated trim profiles and years of build can detract from updating a room with paint alone.  Spaces can be transformed with the addition of modern crown moldings, elevated baseboards, and new trim profiles.  

With M T Shoemaker Painting, you inherit our expertise in paint and trim carpentry. We can reshape areas of your home by employing the highest quality paint products and techniques developed from years of experience.  Or we can take your project a step Beyond Paint - redefining spaces with custom woodworks and modern moldings.




Link to M.T. Shoemaker Woodworks coming soon.