Elevating Expectations

M. T. Shoemaker Painting intends to raise the bar of expectation in residential painting.  Like many aspects of home repair and remodeling, standards of quality and performance have been diminished.  As consumers, we have been fed a gradual diet of declining customer service, communication, and workmanship.  We at M.T. Shoemaker Painting insist on restoring these foundations of a working relationship.  


The Five P's   

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

The Five P's of Painting. A simple acronym that couldn't be more accurate.

Most paint contractors will agree that actual painting is only about 20% of a paint project. It's all about the preparation - and every project is unique. At M.T. Shoemaker Painting, we know how to paint - but we excel in preparation. This is what makes our work stand out.