Paint Contractor Checklist:

Your paint project is an investment. On the surface, a monetary investment in materials and application. But the intangible investments are much more substantial. When identifying a paint contractor for your project, please consider...

-Enjoyment. New coatings and shades change our moods. Fresh, clean surfaces and sharp lines add confidence to an area, while color redefines the function and ambiance of a space. The anticipation of a new paint project is exciting - the process should be enjoyable - and the results should exceed your expectations.

Be confident in your paint contractor's capabilities - all aspects of the project - from communication to application.

M.T. Shoemaker Painting insists on making your project enjoyable. Our communication skills, product knowledge, and application techniques make this possible. Read more about our process here.

-Durability. Put simply, interior paints should outlast taste. When a surface is prepared correctly, for a superior paint product, applied with proper technique - tastes will change before the surface does.

Be assured your paint contractor is employing proper surface preparation and applying the highest quality paint products.

M.T. Shoemaker Painting will not compromise on applying the highest quality paint products. And our preparation techniques echo the manufacturer's recommendations of these high quality products. Read more about our paint products here.

-Color Selection. This is the fun part! Selecting shades to match our objectives for a space is exciting. Creating an atmosphere and changing mood is powerful.

Make sure your paint contractor has all the tools necessary to assist in indentifying that perfect color. 

At M.T. Shoemaker Painting it's more than just handing over a color selection wheel. We have multiple resources to assist in identifying that exact shade. Explore all of our color selection tools here.

Quick Reference:

  • Is the Paint Contractor applying the highest quality paint products available?
  • Is the Paint Contractor using the highest quality paint applicators available?
  • Does the Paint Contractor have a proper understanding of paint products for your specific job?
  • Will the Paint Contractor take every necessary step to ensure a clean work environment?
  • Preparation is 80% of painting. Is the Paint Contractor prepared to invest in proper preparation to ensure the highest quality product?
  • Do the knowledge and techniques of the Paint Contractor's staff echo those of the Paint Contractor?


The answer to all these questions should be a resounding YES

M.T. Shoemaker Painting utilizes superior painting materials, applied by experienced professionals, maintaining a clean environment, resulting in the highest quality paint product.