Providing the highest quality service and paint.


M. T. Shoemaker Painting was established to fill a need - high quality residential painting in Kingwood, TX.

Working for years as a General Contractor, we outsourced most painting related tasks.  Our theory was:  leave the painting to the professionals - they can be more efficient and deliver a superior product.   Unfortunately, we were continually disappointed in the results.

Looking back, it didn’t make sense.  Our contracting operations took great pride in craftsmanship and quality.  We felt like our in-house staff was the best in the business - from initial layout and design to the final touches of a complete remodel.  Yet, arguably the most critical, and certainly the most visible component of our completed projects - the paint - was handed off to someone else.  

In our defense, we had good intentions.  Let the painters paint. But we were never 100% satisfied with the results.  None of the sub-contracted painters met our expectations.  This continued disappointment led us to recognize a need in Kingwood - the need for quality residential painting, delivering on high expectations.  A need we at M. T. Shoemaker Painting intend to fill.

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